Beth Ritter-Perry/Caprichos Studio

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Caprichos Studio by Beth Ritter-Perry

Artist. Educator. Aficionada and Purveyor of All Things Cool.

Original Paintings, Drawings and Silkscreen Prints, Handcrafted Precious and Semiprecious Jewelry, Original Purses, Ceramics, Art Quilts and Handknits

Caprichos Studio was hatched in 1994 in San Diego CA. The word caprichos means keepsakes in South American Spanish, but in Mexican lingo it’s translated as something “ya gotta have”, or un capricho. Either way, it works. Caprichos Studio has evolved from the creation of unique art jewelry handcrafted at my living room table for friends and coworkers to becoming an “Urban Bohemian” lifestyle brand and an extensive (and eclectic) collection of select treasures for you and your home.
The inspiration behind Caprichos Studio is an appreciation of and passion for the fine handicrafts, folkways and creative traditions of artisans and craftspeople from all over the world. Looking back, all of this grew from a miniscule but treasured collection of carved African combs, some glass and amber trade beads and a few pieces of Banjara mirror cloth and antique sari borders. It is now firmly established as a lifelong exploration of media, techniques and a quest to juxtapose artifacts of diverse cultures into new and established art forms for my customers to cherish.


Master of Fine Arts at University of Wisconsin-Madison
1983 – 1985 Madison, WI